My views on mental illness:
Mental Illness requires more advocacy from people who themselves
may not be mentally ill.  Many of the mood disorders are eminently
treatable.  Try to find out about symptoms, diagnosis, the role of diet,
exercise, medications, and support groups.
Educate your students, colleagues, and kids about mental illness.

* Lecture given in School of Mathematics, Georgia Tech (Aug. 28, 2003)
  "Let's talk about mental illness"

* FAQs on Mood Disorders

* Tips for faculty and staff on helping a distressed student -- document
   from the GaTech Counseling Center (thanks to Jill Barber)
   Helping a distressed student

* Kids and Mood Disorders
   The Storm in my Brain

* Symptoms of Bipolar, treatment options
   Bipolar Disorder Recovery Programs

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